Poultry Blends

Complete Range of Poultry Blends tailored to optimise performance at all stages of and egg production. *All formulated to a high specification with minerals and micro-nutrients to support bird health.

Roadhead Pre-Lay

Formulated to support pullet growth from transfer to start of lay.

All formulated to a high specification with minerals & micro-nutrients to support bird health and optimise performance.

Roadhead Layer 1

Designed to optimise performance from early lay to peak production.

Photo by 青 晨 on Unsplash

Roadhead Layer 2

Supports optimal performance from peak production through to mid-lay.

Layer 3 & 4 - Photo by Tina Xinia on Unsplash

Roadhead Layers 3

Increased minerals to maintain shell quality whilst supporting performance from mid to late lay.

Roadhead Farm Feeds can also tailor make a poultry blend to suit your poultry breeds and needs. Get in touch to find out how we can help you optimise your flock’s performance.

We have used Roadhead Farm Feeds for the last 15 years for our Dairy, Beef and Sheep with consistently good results. We have been using Roadhead Layers Meal for the last 3 years and find that the hens perform well with excellent egg quality. We always find Roadhead Feed and services to be Excellent.

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