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Milk Powder

Our own range of Roadhead milk powders have been specially tailored to improve rumen development and maximise your calves’ potential from birth through to weaning.

Our milk powders have been developed to be easily dissolved, appetising, and easy to digest. They can also be used in most automatic feeding machines.

Essential to help produce healthy, happy and profitable calves.

Roadhead Milk Powder Range

We use all our own products on the farm here at Roadhead. This allows us to monitor and record the results achieved.
Our Daily Live Weight Gain is well above average. We ourselves are very pleased with the performance of all our milk powders.

Roadhead Safe Start

Skimmed Milk & Whey Powder

Fed for the first 14 days – it helps reduce the risk of Cryptosporidium to give the calf the best start. Protein 19% Fat 16%

Safe Start is only one of our range of Roadhead Milk powders. Why not follow on with our –

Roadhead Creamline

Whey based powder with 100% Dairy Protein.

Highly digestible, designed to increase feed intake helping with early rumen development. Protein 21%  Fat 18%

Roadhead Excel Blue

Top whey based powder.

Enhances rumen development and contains high energy levels. Protein 23%  Fat 18.5%

Roadhead Gold

Skimmed Milk & Whey Powder with 100% Dairy Protein.

Excellent muscle growth. Protein 20%  Fat 18%

Your calf’s best start—starts with Roadhead

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