Using detailed analysis of the nutritional value of your forage we can customise your blend to;

  • Develop the ideal balance of starch and fibre for milk composition
  • Maintain the correct energy and protein levels for milk production and body condition
  • Keep fertility levels on track with the optimum levels of Dairy 25 or Elite Dairy minerals.

Hi- Energy Wagon

Roadhead can design a custom-made ration to suit your herd requirements. We balance a wide range of forages for today’s TMR systems.

Our Nutritionists can walk through your herd to gather the essential information needed for your wagon feed system.


Hi – Energy Wagon Range

Protein ranging from 18% to 34%

Protected Fat to boost energy

Mineralised with Dairy Elite Minerals.

Dairy cake

Dairy Cake

Roadhead Milk Maker, Roadhead White Gold, Roadhead Platinum.

Our Dairy cakes are all formulated and designed to maintain body condition and support fertility whilst achieving maximum yields whether fed in parlour, or through robotic systems.

Robot blend

Roadhead Robot Blends

We can formulate a blend to suit your herd if they are milked via a robotic milking system.

Roadhead Heifer Grower & Roadhead Rearer

Both of these products are formulated to promote health and growth in your dairy heifers as they work their way towards joining the milking herd.

Roadhead Dry Cow Blend (Stage 1) & Roadhead Reashure Pre-Calver (Stage 2)

Two very popular Roadhead blends packed with vitamins and minerals for healthier in-calf cows leading to a healthier calving and reaching her optimum peak yield sooner.

Annie Bryson silage sampling

Silage Sampling

If you would like your silage analysed then please let us know. We can ask Geoff or Annie to pick up your silage sample from your farm, or if your local to Roadhead then you can pop a sample into the office.

Here at Roadhead Farm Feeds we only use the finest raw materials to manufacture our feed products ensuring that our blends contain no cheap fillers.

Roadhead’s Computerised mill mixing system ensures that your blend ingredients remain consistent with every order.


Himalayan Rock Salt

Rock Salt is a natural source of over 80 trace elements, essential for blood formation and metabolic/digestive functions. It promotes saliva production and ensures proper function of the digestive system.  Lack of salt can cause lack of appetite, loss of condition, drop in milk production, reduced growth rates and fertility problems.  Himalayan Rock Salt is 100% natural and unprocessed.


“Feeding Jerseys can be challenging but with the help of Roadhead Farm Feeds,it has proven that if you want quality out you need quality put in.”

Robert Hunter, West Tarbax Farm, Shotts

Free ‘on Farm’ feed advice offered by Geoff Hewitt and Annie Bryson, our Nutrition Specialist. All part of our Roadhead Farm Feeds customer service.

Competitively Priced Feeds Without
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