Give your calves the best start with creep feeding, helping to reduce stress and illness, whilst promoting frame growth.


3 inches in height is equivalent to 30 kg more in carcass weight.

Our Products

Below are just some of our feed range. As you will see, there is no Wheatfeed in any of our products, nor are there any cheap fillers.

If you are looking for something a little more specific then Roadhead can tailor a blend that suits your needs perfectly. Get in touch and together we can create the ideal blend for you.

Calf Creep 14%

Creep feeding will help maintain the condition of your calves through to weaning and give them the start on hard feeding they will need to make the weaning process less stressful for the calves.

Ingredients:  Barley, Beet pulp, Distillers Dark Grains (NB), Distillers Dark Grains (Wheat), Soya Hulls, Maize, Molasses, Cattle minerals

Pioneer Range

One of our best-selling feeds. Can be fed from 3 months to adult, it is available in different percentages of proteins – 14%,16% and 18%

Also suitable for dairy heifers due to the level and range of proteins.

Pioneer 16 – Ingredients – Beet Pulp, Barley, Dark Grains(Wheat), Dark Grains (NB), Soya hulls, Soya meal, Molasses and Minerals

Magnum Range

Our Magnum Range, like the Pioneer is also available in various protein percentages, 14%, 16%, and 18%

Again this can be fed from 3 months to store/adult stage.

Magnum 16 – Ingredients: Barley, Distillers Dark Grains (Wheat), Beet Pulp, Distillers Dark Grains (Maize), Rapeseed Meal, Soya Hulls, Molasses, Cattle Minerals.

Protein Balancer

Protein Balancer

Protein Balancer 34 + Minerals

Ingredients: Soya meal, Rapeseed meal, Distillers Dark Grains (Wheat), Distillers Dark Grains ( Maize), Molasses, Cattle Minerals

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Tinto Finisher

Excellent blend for finishing cattle to fat stage. This blend is available in 12%, 14%, and 16% Protein.

Tinto 14

Ingredients: Maize, Barley, Beet pulp, Maize Gluten, Soya Hulls, Soya Meal, Rape Seed Meal, Molasses, Intensive Beef Minerals, Lithothamn (Acid Buff), Saccharomyces cerevisiae

Ad-lib Finisher

Ideal for finishing Beef cattle.

Ad-lib Finisher – Ingredients: Barley, Beet pulp, Maize, Distillers Dark Grains (Maize), Soya Hulls, Distillers Dark Grains (Wheat), Soya Meal, Molasses, Intensive Beef Minerals, Lithothamn, Milling Salt, Saccharomyces cerevisiae.


Roadhead also have a full range of Protein Balancers to be used with your own cereals, these range form a 18% protein right through to a 34%, every Protein balancer can be tailor made to your own specifications, with the addition of Minerals, Yeast.

These are just some of our Roadhead Beef Blends. As you will see from the listed ingredients there is no Wheatfeed in any of our products, nor are there any cheap fillers.

Competitively Priced Feeds Without Compromising Quality.

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