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Welcome to Roadhead Farm Feeds

Roadhead Farm Feeds was founded at Quothquan, South Lanarkshire, in August 2003 by Geoff Hewitt, a respected third-generation farmer whose career has been immersed within the industry. As the operator of a 500-strong dairy herd, Geoff established an on-site mill-and-mix facility to produce his own animal feed. The success of this led him to establish Roadhead Farm Feeds with the primary aim of providing quality feed for ruminant animals on other local farms. The company has quickly established an accomplished reputation for its expertly blended feeds, high standards, exemplary customer service and thorough understanding of what each individual customer requires.

About US

Competitively Priced Feeds Without Compromising Quality

As well as providing a vast range of feeds which deliver the most beneficial balanced diet for your animals, we offer a unique bespoke blending service. We currently supply this service to more than 350 individual customers throughout Scotland and the north of England – providing nutritious feeds for their specific requirements. We also produce our own branded milk powders, ranging from skimmed through to whey-based powders, which can be delivered anywhere in the UK within 48 hours.

In addition, our experienced team are able to offer first-hand expert advice on the individual requirements of your herd. We will walk through your herd with you, identify and discuss difficulties concerning lack of performance, and will create a blend to address these problems and ultimately improve your herd’s overall discharge. Our unique ability to create bespoke blends means that we can refine feeds as your seasonal needs change.

Roadhead Farm Feeds is at the forefront of technology, using the finest raw materials and the most up-to-date
precision techniques in our fine blending processes. Let us steer you and your herd in the right direction. We never
compromise on quality.

If you have any questions or queries please do not hesitate to

Contact us on: 01899 309 000