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Biggar Show, Saturday 21st July. Please join us for a cuppa and …

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Roadhead Farm Feeds Creamline

What you feed your calf in early life WILL have a significant effect on its lifetime  productivity. Calves feed conversion rates …

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Mobility Scoring

Cows that become lame drop in milk production, have more reproductive problems and increased labour costs. It is estimated that …

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Importance of Buffer Feeding

With the sun shining, grass growing and ground conditions improving by the day, the majority of farmers are planning to …

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Growth & Carcass Development

The objective of growth & development is; high proportion of lean tissue, minimum bone and only as much fat as …

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Ecoli Total Calf Care

Escherichia Coli (Ecoli) is one of the most common scours in the UK, and is the single most important cause …

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Under-Performing Cattle

If cattle are under-performing the most likely reasons are;

Inadequate feed intake or quality
Environmental factors
Health problems.

Inadequate feed intake is more likely …

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Body Condition Scoring

At a recent training day held at Roadhead Farm Feeds, Nicola Fair from DairyCo emphasised the importance of both Body …

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Mastitis is the inflammation of the mammary gland and/or udder tissue due to bacteria or injury and can be a …

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Suckler Herds

For Suckler Farmers, calving is fast approaching. If calving’s are difficult and losses are occurring, look at the quality of …

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Dry Cow & Colostrum Management

Dry Cow management can have a large impact on the following lactation but also on the quality of immunoglobulin’s (antibodies) …

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If there was an invoice landing on your doorstep, due to your herd having poor fertility problems, the …

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Importance of Rock Salt

At Roadhead Farm Feeds, we have Rock Salt available to buy.

Rock Salt is essential for blood formations and digestive functions. It …

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