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Information About Our Products


Roadhead Farm Feeds will formulate a blend to suit your cows’ specific requirements and needs. We will collect forage samples to estimate the nutritional value, and will thereafter develop the right balance and combination of starch and fibre for milk composition. This will maintain the correct energy and protein levels for milk production and body condition. Combined with either the Dairy 25 or Elite Dairy Mineral package, your herd’s fertility will also be kept on track.


The overall health of your herd can be enhanced by ensuring the right quality and quantity of minerals is included in feeds, forage and soil. Our in-house experts can assess your specific needs and offer advice about the way forward.


Our in-house experts can offer advice on the right and most beneficial straights for your specific needs, as well as their storage.

Calf Care

Our highly experienced and trained team are able to provide first-hand expert advice on the requirements of your herd. On request, one of our in-house ruminant specialists will walk through your herd with you, inspect your calves to assess development, and offer advice where necessary.

Young Stock

Roadhead Farm Feeds has developed a vast range of feed specifically formulated for calves. Our feeds provide your calves with the right balance of protein, energy and fibre, which are essential from a young age. The coarse mixture is rough in texture in order to aid development of the rumen.

Milk Powders

Roadhead Farm Feeds offers a range of own brand milk powders that have been formulated for calves. They have been developed to be appetising, easily dissolved and digested. They can also be used in most drinking machines. Our milk powders are designed to help you produce healthy, profitable calves.