The objective of growth & development is; high proportion of lean tissue, minimum bone and only as much fat as the market requires.

Growth is linear when animals are fed ad libitum and starts to decrease as mature size is approached.  The growth rate and point of decline are influenced by both breed and sex. The level of feeding has a crucial influence on growth rate and in most systems, growth is non-linear due to variations in supply and quality of feed.

During the early growing stage, the Feed Conversion Efficiency (FCE) ratio is half (4:1) of what is it when animals are approaching mature size, (8:1).

Does this have financial implications on your farm?

At Roadhead, we only use quality raw materials in our blends, (Wheat, Maize, Barley, Hipro Soya, Beetpulp). Our blends are tailored to meet your animals requirements at the different growth & finishing stages. Speak to one of the representatives and we can discuss your current system. We can look at some of the key performance indicators on your farm, such as; live weight gain, feed conversion efficiency, carcass weight and kill out percentages.

Carcass Development

Bone achieves maximum growth first, followed by muscle and then fat. This means that nutrients are used first by bone and muscle, over fat. Once mature size is reached, fat is laid down. Are you feeding your cattle to their potential at both the

growing and finishing stage? Small changes can have a positive economic outcome on your farm. Speak to a member of the Roadhead team and we can discuss with you the overall system, with a final objective of making your farm more profitable.