Escherichia Coli (Ecoli) is one of the most common scours in the UK, and is the single most important cause of bacterial scour in calves. There are many different strains of Ecoli, with some being more aggressive than others. Rapid treatment is essential, however not all cases are treatable and in many cases calves can die within 12-24 hours of being infected. Therefore prevention is better than cure, in the form of increased hygiene and Alcastart.

Ecoli can affect calves as young as 16-24 hours old, but in most cases can occur from 3-7 days of age. Most newborn calves are exposed to Ecoli from their environment.  Manure from healthy cows, and scour from other calves provide a source of Ecoli to your vulnerable calves. Care must be taken to ensure calves do not ingest manure, mud or other material before or along with getting colostrum.

Scour results from a badly damaged gut which leads to a loss of function. An intestine which isn’t functioning properly results in calves loosing essential salts and water to form diarrhoea. The calf will continue to scour until the intestine is repaired. Ecoli will result in your calves becoming severely dehydrated, and it is compulsory to take the calf off milk to break the life cycle of the Ecoli. The milk feeds the bacteria which will cause them to multiply out of control. It is essential to replace the calves salts and water levels, to reduce the risk of the calf becoming severely dehydrated or dying.

Alvital will replace the calf’s salts and water levels, with added vitamins and minerals to maintain calf health while they are not on milk. This product is not only a form of electrolyte but it is specially designed to aid the rapid repair of the calf’s gut, as a result can stop scour within 24 hours.

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Kerry McCready